Jan 242013

Wisdom Comes From Experience Not Books

Hundreds of thousands of students graduate from an undergraduate or graduate degree program in the United States each year.  The majority of degree programs today focus on traditional classroom coursework that includes reading textbooks, attending lectures, and testing.  These individuals graduate with a background in the theories of whatever they have been studying but have little to no personal experience in the subject matter and most do not have any idea how to take book theory and translate it into actual practice.  These individuals are intelligent, and when given the opportunity they will be able to translate the theories while they are putting them into practice in real world situations.  This is what will turn them into wise employees.

Individuals that have significant and relevant work history coupled with a relevant undergraduate or graduate degree are prized by their employers and potential employers.  Employers recognize the importance of having both.  In many cases the only thing standing in between a prized employee that has the experience desired is an advanced degree.  Master Degree programs are expensive and many professionals today simply do not have the funds, or the time, necessary to complete a fulltime traditional degree.  However, there are solutions for these professionals, they can choose an online advanced degree that was created just for their situation.  Online life experience degrees are designed for professionals that can show mastery in a particular subject or subjects through their work history, professional and personal accomplishments and achievements outside of a traditional academic environment.

Through comprehensive prior learning assessments, these individuals are rewarded for their legitimate life experiences that have increased their practice of theories and the knowledge and wisdom that only come from working in the trenches.  A flexible online life experience degree shows the importance of work experience while also showing proof of academic and educational achievement.  During the assessment, each individual’s work history, volunteerism, military service, self-guided study, and cultural pursuits are examined and evaluated for how they relate to a particular advanced degree.  Credits are then awarded based on this evaluation allowing students to bypass coursework that they already have proven to be proficient in.

Online Life Experience degrees are ideal for professionals that want a promotion or to find a better and more challenging position in their career field.  To stay competitive today, professionals in all industries and in all job types must have a combination of work history and academic achievement.  A life experience degree is a great way to show potential employers that you have the ideal mix of work history and educational background that they are looking for.  Unlike traditional colleges and universities, these degree programs are flexible and even busy working professionals can earn an advanced degree quickly and without paying tens of thousands of dollars.

Your work history and personal experiences have made you wise; it is time that potential employers recognize you for all that you have done in your life.  Take the time now to earn an advanced degree through a flexible online life experience degree program.


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