Oct 172011

Pass Christian University is an online learning institution that provides individuals access to numerous online courses and programs. With that in mind, you need to ask yourself if online learning is right for you. If you are organized and can maintain self disciple, then you will most likely excel with our online courses.

Online courses are an excellent way to participate in self rewarding programs at your pace, without having to take the time to travel to campus. What some feel is the downside of online learning is the lack of student to student interaction that normally takes place in traditional on the ground campuses. However, we find that our students are more motivated in approaching classes on a professional level, to quickly gain the needed knowledge in a subject area and apply that new knowledge to their jobs. Others want to gain new skill sets that will make them more employable or attractive to future employers. They find the benefit of performing course work anytime, anywhere, more in tune with the fast paced lifestyle of today’s society.