Jan 222013

“Education” Did Not Appear In President Obama’s Inaugural Address

President Obama was inaugurated for his second term this week.  While many pundits were pleased and encouraged by his inaugural address, many in the education industry felt it fell flat.  No once in the speech did the word “education” appear.  He did use the word “school” and made some other veiled references and yet, he did not indicate that education was anywhere on his list of priorities for his second, and last term in office.  What should this tell us?  Maybe a lot, maybe a little.  The fact is that our entire education system from primary school through college is flawed and our nation will suffer the consequences for decades to come.

While other industrialized nations continue to make leaps and bounds in furthering the quality of education in their countries, our nation continues to fall further down the international ranks. Let’s face it, the coursework teens do in high school does little to prepare them for their lives ahead and college does little to prepare individuals for the dynamics of a job in the real world.  Once, college graduates were able to toss aside their graduation hats and hit the job market prepared.  Today however, many graduates of undergraduate degree programs find that it is difficult to secure a job at the level they were expecting.  This happens for a number of reasons, but the primary one is that these fresh undergraduates simply do not have the work history or life experiences necessary for success.

Employers today have the ability to be more selective than ever before when choosing a new employee; the high rates of unemployment in those with college diplomas that also have significant work experience makes it difficult for the fresh graduates to secure a job.

It can also make it difficult for those that have been working that do not have a diploma.  A life experience degree can make all the difference when you are up for a new job or a promotion.  These online degrees flexible and allow professionals to earn the degree they need to be competitive in today’s job market.

Employers recognize the need for their hires to have a blend of work experience and education; today it takes both of these elements to secure a job or a promotion.  Few colleges and universities, until now, have believed in the validity of a person’s work history and background.  Today through a prior learning assessment, students are rewarded for the time and effort they have put into their careers, into military service, volunteering, and other community or cultural activities.  Credits towards a degree can be awarded for the areas in which students show mastery or proficiency of.  A comprehensive evaluation is completed by members of faculty to determine what courses can be bypassed by students to earn their degree.  This can saves thousands of dollars and years of education.  This is vital for individuals that are looking for a new job or a promotion…now.

While President Obama may not have education as a priority for his last term in office, there are hundreds of thousands of Americans that do.  It is time to earn a valuable degree that reflects your work history and other activities in order for you to secure a new job or get that promotion that you deserve.  An online life experience degree is a cost-effective way to do this.  Don’t delay.  Make education your first priority for the next four years.


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